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Capacheno HERE!

A World of (sweet) Ignorance

6 November
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Capacheno's LJ!

Hello, Welcome to Capacheno's personal Livejournal where she ships ARASHI! And most importantly, OHNO SATOSHI.

Always looking forward to making new friends, especially Arashi fans. ^^

I am not good with computers so this is as good as it get which is why it takes me forever to update (will update again in the future when i have time^^').

My journal is mostly empty since i cant think of anything to say or share. TT.TT My fb is just as slow on the update status
Feel free to friend me on fb: Kanji Xyooj just know it's just as empty.

I try to write fanfic whenever i get the motivation and have the timewhich is rare

Cant think of anything else to say....

Until next time....

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